Saturday, October 6, 2007

Pierce got it right in my book

The other day Margaret reported a sighting of this bumper sticker: God Does Not Believe In Atheists. I guess we all have to decide what to believe and to contemplate what God believes. Before I shifted full throttle into jazz, we listened to those labeled singer-songwriters. Lately we have been listening to some of our favorites.

Margaret requested some Pierce Pettis and I brought down the CD, Everything Matters. In his song God Believes in You we heard what Pierce might have to say to the owner of that bumper sticker....

When you start to doubt if you exist
God believes in you
Confounded by the evidence
God believes in you
When your chances seem so slim
When your light burns so dim
And you swear you don't believe in him
God believes in you

When you rise up just to fall again
God believes in you
Deserted by your closest friends
God believes in you
When you're betrayed with a kiss
Turn your cheek to another fist
It doesn't have to end like this
God believes in you

Everything matters if anything matters at all
Everything matters
No matter how big
No matter how small

When you're so ashamed that you could die
God believes in you
And you can't do right even though you try
God believes in you
Blessed are the ones who grieve
The ones who mourn, the ones who bleed
In sorrow you sow
But in joy, you'll reap
God believes in you

Oh, God believes in you

--Pierce Pettis

Tonight I reflected on God having a purpose for each of us. I hope God doesn't give up on us when we make wrong decisions that lead us away from the purpose.


  1. Beautiful lyrics, Wayne. I don't believe I've ever heard it, but am certainly going to see if I can find it.....

  2. Jim-- I think I am created so that music has a direct connection to my heart like few other things. I hope you can find it.

  3. Pierce is wonderful!

    Wayne, I caught up here with your writings. I enjoyed them very much. Thanks.

  4. Monty-- welcome back. I am glad I am pulling out some of my pre-jazz CD's. maybe we will have more musicians in common for I hope to post about others.


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