Friday, May 2, 2008

preparing for Har Zion #2

for me (mosaic woman would agree) the fun part of preparing for a craft show, is crafting...

A colleague of mine commissioned two 11x17 inch panels and I worked up three designs. She liked two, so I decided to do smaller versions for her to see in glass. She liked both but preferred the top and asked for two larger like that, and then bought the one below. First thought in my head was... "No, you can't buy it, I need it for the Har Zion craft show in Penn Valley this weekend." Some thoughts just need to float in and float and out.

Below is the third version of this design. No darkness here. I will try to sell this and the one I judged poorly at the craft show. Hopefully someone like this guy shows up and sees the beauty in it.

and then there is the design I came up with on retreat at Wernersville and then worked on the day and night I prepped for a my colonoscopy. Catching the blue greens by camera was quite difficult.


  1. Blue green - my favorite! (The ocean.)

    And totally cracking up with respect to WHEN you worked on that. I just kept watching movies.

  2. I like your "hope." An "aha" moment for me happened recently that your HOPE reminds me of.... When my mom had cancer (so many moons ago now, and she has long since passed away) a dear friend gave her a dolll and mom named her Hope. I thought she should have named her doll Faith and until recently still held that belief.... Then the realization occured to me....she didn't name her doll Faith...because she already had faith.... Because I did not have faith, I wanted (and needed) that tangible symbol.... But she already had, as you so clearly do, faith. Admirably so.

  3. I stopped here yesterday, got down to the "guy", and for whatever reason departed the page. This morning I get the extra treat of the last mosaic, maybe as inspiration for the visit to the Youth Detention Center I'm about to embark on. As noted earlier, I look at the pieces through what I know of you via your writing, try to imagine the harmony in your soul as you design such patterns, and just enjoy what you bring forth...

  4. GG-- blue green is great!!!!

    G-- thanks for sharing

    Jim-- after a long day, a really long day, it was great to read this.


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