Monday, May 25, 2009

second person thoughts: friends coming back... by plane, by bloom

When a good friend, who has moved 1000 plus miles away, smiles and says that he is in heaven...
Then you are glad you somehow thought to make the man strudel. Yes, many a folk have appreciated your strudel, but he and you know what it is like to grow up eating homemade strudel. It does something to your brain chemistry. There is no unhealthy amount you can eat.
Something your wives will never fully understand.
When a flower blooms in your garden you remember a friend and a day you took students to work in the garden his wife had created. She was overwhelmed caring for your friend. You divided and dug up day lilies and irises and planted them at the school. You wonder how long they will live. You hope your memory of the man lasts a long time...


  1. An iris? It's a beautiful thing to contemplate...thank you

    and yes, homemade strudel does something to your brain, as apparently does homemade pizza, according to at least one of the teens at the feast last night!

  2. The flower is beautiful, but even more so that it should give you memories of a good friend...

  3. Michelle--- yes, it is an Iris. and maybe it is homemade food in general, but I am biased toward the brain altering aspects of strudel on a young mind.

    Jim--- sometimes you are glad you chose what you chose to do on a given day... make strudel, help out in a garden, remember a friend. My spiritual side would like to think I was guided to make these choices.

  4. God in all things, no doubt about it...

    You can nearly see through my pizza crust, so maybe it's thin dough that affects the brain chemistry of the young?

  5. These two brief entries, Stratoz, have affected me the same way struedel and blooms affect you! Thank you.

    I need to go back to discover what your previous post means. Reconciliation? Pain?

  6. Michelle--- I could not imagine Ignatius not eating strudel.

  7. Beryl--- Your welcome. pain... what happens when one walks away from a community. Reconciliation ... not ready to blog about it.


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