Tuesday, May 5, 2009

why is traffic low at the craft show... word on the street

There is a PhD on this just waiting to happen. What factors lead to how many folk come to a craft fair? Crafters are generally confused, but more than willing to throw out ideas.
here are some frequent ones...
  • nice weather
  • bad weather
  • in fact any kind of weather can lead to slow booth traffic
  • the economy
  • the internet
  • poor advertising
  • increase in admission costs
  • change in show's location

This past weekend, I heard many of the above, but heard some new ones...

  • swine flu hysteria
  • The Kentucky Derby, which was my favored one so I spread the word that everyone was home sucking down mint juleps

On Saturday a few mosaics sold, but no pieces of stained glass. Trying to sit with my funk that evening I was wondering if I was depressed by the no sales of my work or not seeing one person who had told me that would try to come to the show.

The next evening the funk could only be the no shows, for I did manage to sell a couple pieces and Mosaic Woman sold three pieces (all in the final 20 seconds of the show).
Reason number 1035...
hectic lives of good folk who wanted to come, and who will be invited again.

because it comes down to this...



  1. Sometimes, oftimes, most times? That is all one may have.

  2. Giggles--- I don't expect all to come all the time, but... I spent a lot of energy to come out of my introverted self (at work) to talk this one up... and heard many a folk say they would stop by, so I was hoping that I would see them. To be honest, one co-worker did come on Sunday.

  3. I well remember knocking on doors for Bus Ministry and collecting many affirmative promises that children could and would come to Sunday school. If the total came to around 25 on Saturday, it was quite common that if one followed through the next day, you were lucky. Good days, bad days, life happens and next Saturday we went out again to try again....Hope: it works for me.

  4. People have this tendancy to say what you wanna hear.... me, too sometimes.... It's often easier than the truth...

  5. I don't go often to the local shows because of the admission charges. There are several huge summer festivals with no fees and I generally support the artists there. I have more to spend on art if I'm not spending $12-20 at the door (x4 for family).

    I'm sorry the show wasn't as successful as you anticipated but glad that hope persists.

  6. Jim--- But you know what, for that one that showed up...

    Giggles--- That may be true with some of the folk I spoke to, but I don't believe it is true of all. I believe they hoped to be able to come, and there are folk who show up after many invitations.

    Kathryn-- yes, the money should go to the crafters! This past Saturday was $3.00 admission.


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