Monday, April 26, 2010

Axis... dancers

not long ago, Mosaic Woman and I went to a dance concert. Since then I have been waiting for words to come into my presence to make a blog post. I am tired of waiting... here is part of one of the dances we saw.

... do you have words?


  1. I found myself relating to it in terms of working with my charge at school. Yesterday afternoon it was time to walk out to the bus and go home. The kids were all packed and ready, but two of them had made those last few miunutes a bit ear-splitting, screaming for what they couldn't take with them, going through a bit of rebellion. My boy, after a good day and several months of exemplary behavior, all of a sudden rushed me in anger and did not cease to exhibit such ire even after I had him on the bus and strapped into his seat. One wants to reach them, help them, connect with them so bad; and, at times, I think the two of us are indeed a "pair". Then, out of nowhere, we are wrestling with the "wheelchair"......

  2. Jim and Christin, thanks for the visit and for watching the video.

  3. Wow! I want to know what happens next.

    Wayne, do you know what music that is?


  4. All... will tell you more about the piece and who wrote the music.


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