Saturday, April 30, 2011

Z is for Zoogenesis

what a face!

Lets end this month of a to z with a beginning, which is a mystery and though best guesses may approach what happened when the first "animal" emerged on the Earth, we will never know for sure. I dig that.

When my students enter into a biology class they sit as I tell 7 origin hypothesis/myths. Then I make my claim that it will always be a mystery. I say, "Even if life is created in a lab, that does not prove that that is the way it happened on the Earth." I encourage them to enjoy that some things will always be a mystery and then encourage them to feel free to believe what they want to believe.

Then I say, "Now lets enter the realm of what biologists have discovered about life ever since it mysteriously came into being."

and that ends it, with a beginning I love.


  1. One thing is for sure: we will never know what that praying mantis was thinking when you snapped it's photo... although, I'd love to speculate. What a wonderful shot, Wayne! I love that some things will always be a mystery :)

  2. ..."some things will always be a mystery" - I can appreciate this statement, it mirrors Rilke's quote about living our lives through the questions.

    Thank you for visiting my waffle house, stop by anytime for some words and a waffle. :)

  3. Wow, Fantastic photo! And yay! we did it, congratulations on completing the challenge!

  4. Valerie--- Glad you wonder about Mysteries too. They say communication is mostly nonverbal so I guess much was being said.

    Teressa--- Waffles are wonderful, and your words are certainly worth the trip to your site. Glad Ruth is a fan of your site, now there is a woman who could write a short short story about the Mantid and its thoughts.

    Rhonda --- The photo is one of my favorites. And yes, I started with B, went back to A and winded my way to Z

  5. What is not to love about this post and its comments? ;-)

    It does me no end of good to read the words of a biology teacher who relishes the mysteries of beginnings. Happy, happy. And to see my friend Terresa here, and evoking Rilke, who never stops beginning and ending and back again, and mystery, mystery, mystery. Ahh, what a life.

    And the image of the mantis, which is like a stained glass window with his spring green, and the gold of black-eyed susans.

    And the challenge to a short short. OK, here goes . . .

    Mantis had prayed to find his misplaced spectacles, then suddenly remembered that he dropped them among the Susans, where stunned, he stumbled over the immensity of their black eyes.

  6. Ruth--- OK, that was too easy or you are too talented. Maybe I will ask you to write about one of my designs some day.

    Life, even with its roller coaster nature is Good!

  7. Ha, well, I love those mantises. Thanks.

    You don't need to ask me to write about one of your pieces, because I would love to. The only thing I'd ask is if you'd pick the piece. Deal?

  8. I am a new blogger. Kisses for you

  9. Fantastic picture and I think I would have enjoyed your biology class. I always appreciated the teachers that encouraged us to think for ourselves.

  10. jayaycee--- I do believe my students have fun most of the time, if I was perfect, and if they were perfect, it would always be joyful


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