Sunday, August 7, 2011

I'd rather be...

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feel free to fill in the blank. For artists it is often "I'd rather be in the studio", which happens to be the title of a great book by Alyson B Stanfield .

The thing is that in most cases if you don't leave the studio, you don't make sales. So you have to venture out to craft shows and twitter. To networking events and facebook. To conversations with friends and flickr. To family events and blogs. To spiritual retreats and there and here.

As for us, Mosaic Woman and I have made an effort to venture out and it appears to be paying off. We have a list of commissions to work on from a college friend, a close relative, a craft show attendee, a flickr friend, a Dave, a blogging friend, a friend made at a retreat.

So now we need to be in our studios, because we told the world that We Are Nutmeg Designs.

But that means I have less time to blog and tweet and .... so, am I saying I would rather be out of the studio. Not really. We love what is happening here.

Thanks for all the support


  1. Enjoy your time in the studio, Wayne! BTW, a surprise came for me in the mail yesterday. You guys are too sweet :-)

  2. just finished up a commissioned sun catcher which will be blogged about at the end of the month, till then it is not to be seen ;') Wow, I think Margaret sent the letter on Thursday!

  3. Sounds like things are going well! Enjoy your studio time.

  4. Carol--- it has inspired me to be in the studio much more than usual


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