Sunday, November 20, 2011

A Few (well 7) of My Favorite Things, jazzed up a bit

People who celebrate what they love.

Composers who are people who...

Musicians who celebrate composers who...

Piano players who are musicians who...

Improvisers who are piano players who...

Jazz for providing a medium of improvisers...

Friends, who ask me what I am listening to, ... and so by saying these words I ended up saying so many of my favorite things: Brad Mehldau playing My Favorite Things


  1. A slightly different flavor than the Sound of Music apple strudel/schnitzel and noodles, but I like it! Funny thing, I find myself humming that song a lot lately.

  2. Hey There Walk2write--- thanks for the comment, had been in a bit of a drought around here (not weather wise). Hope you listened to the video, it will get the tune stuck again ;')


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