Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Mystical Monday: a day late ... Changing times or not

More and more churches are accepting of jazz these days, which was once considered the devil's music.

I wonder if the men at the Vatican have shunned Nuns in the US for digging a righteous riff as they have been shunning them for their thoughts recently.

so things have not changed as far as Catholic women being brave in expressing themselves ...


All have been consecrated.
The creatures in the forest know this,

the earth does, the seas do, the clouds know
as does the heart full of

Strange a priest would rob us of this

and then empower himself
with the ability

to make holy what
already was.

St. Catherine of Siena


  1. More like a reform church I think, more accepting?

    1. Carol ~~~ not sure. They open their doors to be a venue at the Rochester jazz festival, the advertise that one of their services is in German, and they sell bottled water to raise money to do good deeds

  2. One of my favorite stories told by Father Matt (the very beloved old priest who taught my Theology of Sexuality course in college at the University of Dayton) involved an American (Catholic) woman who was testifying before the Vatican council in regards to the then-radical idea that intercourse between a husband and wife might be okay even if it was not undertaken for purposes of procreation... IF it was a positive experience that strengthened the intimacy of their marital bond.

    The group was leaning toward approval of such activity, when one Cardinal (Or a Bishop? I'm not sure) wondered aloud what would become of all of those people who "we have already sentenced to purgatory for these activities in the past?" The American woman spoke up again, asking with a sweet smile--and a bit of a twinkle in her eye: "Well, Cardinal... are you sure that the Lord does EVERYTHING that you tell him to do?"

    Father Matt always got a chuckle out of that story (and of starting every new semester out with, "So, I know what you all are thinking: What in the world is a 76-year-old priest going to teach ME about sex?!") and it made me smile, too. It also popped into my head as I read your post... so I figured I'd share it. :-)

    1. Blackswamp Gal ~. Thanks so much for sharing this story. I have met some wise priests on my retreats at the Jesuit Center here in PA.

    2. I bet you have! :-)

      By the way, I forgot to say that this is my favorite Father Matt quote:

      “I’ve learned you can’t change the world by bitching about it. Even if you pull all the weeds, if you don’t plant flowers you still end up with just mud.”

      (I never heard him say this; I read it in his obituary on the UD blog, here: http://universityofdayton.blogs.com/newsinfo/2007/05/students_collea.html)

    3. Ahhh, you were blessed to have known this man. Thanks for taking the time to let me know how this post brought back memories.

  3. At Holy Trinity in Louisiana, I loved the music played during Mass. After I moved from Louisiana, especially south Louisiana, it has never been the same. I miss the true "make a joyful noise, especially a jazzy one" I knew and loved.

    1. Kwee ~ My church goes by the name of Holy Trinity, but is far from Louisiana. I have made it to a few jazz vespers over the years and have enjoyed them greatly.

  4. Thank you for reaching out. I've been away from blogging for some time and have lost touch with so many good friends. A bad fall turned me into a semi-invalid for much of this spring but I'm now on the mend. Discarded the walker three days ago. The cane goes next.

    What a great piece from Catherine of Sienna. I don't remember having seen that before but it certainly is apropos in view of the ecclesiastical posturing and desperate clinging to medieval power.

    1. Beryl ~ healing is a wonderful thing even if it happens too slowly at times. Hope the cane goes away soon. I too am happy to reconnect. Peace and hope


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