Friday, December 28, 2007

Mice might have stirred

It was the night before Christmas and I was with Jesus and the evil presence that tempted him in the desert.

My first thought was that it was the wrong place to be.... shouldn't I be in Bethlehem? But spending the night with Jesus was the place to be and no matter where the spiritual exercises landed me on 12/24/07 ... it was the place I was directed to be.

I remember Jesus being guided to the desert by the spirit the entered him at the Jordan, but I don't recall the spirit directing him so that he could face temptation. Have I been guided to those places I did not choose Jesus? Other stories in the Bible would have that evil spirit guiding us to those places.

Could this dream be about choosing Jesus, or about trying to do too many things, or about my fear of administrators...

My dream... I was teaching and I showed up for work. The students and staff were current but location may have been more like where I grew up and/or a place I taught in Illinois. Instead of going into the middle school to help run the science fair I went into the high school to participate in a three day spiritual retreat. I had best intentions of also being at the science fair, but...

I left the retreat and ran into students and staff who listed important people who searched for me all day. The pleasant feeling I had at being at the retreat faded and I walked in dread towards where I would tell my supervisor what happened....

woke before I got there kind of like waking before you hit the ground.

any dream interpreters out there?

any stained glass design interpreters out there.... here is my latest finished earlier today


  1. I'm also praying a mix of Passion and Nativity...and dreaming.

    To me your dream sounds like your discernment around going back to school...

  2. Sometimes your reflections are so personal there is nothing to do but nod in awe at where they have taken you. I just want you to know I'm reading.

    The stained glass reminds me of one of my favorite birds, the elegant trogon. Something about the green and the arch to it. Google image if you don't know it.

  3. Love the stained glass piece, Wayne. I'll leave the dream interpreting to someone else, presently sensing no heavenly revelation about the matter...

  4. Michelle-- I agree about the dream, there was great consolation as there is in waking life when I am immersed in the spiritual
    Gannet girl-- trogons are cool. thanks for telling me what you saw in the design.
    Jim-- as they say, sometimes a dream is a dream... this one had some lasting emotions.


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