Saturday, December 15, 2007

open arms

I guess I want a full life. Contemplating the busyness of the last three months, I noticed I have yet decided on focusing my energy in one pursuit, unless that pursuit is a full life with God. I can't imagine not doing any of the things I had considered being my life's focus, but Temple Ambler greeted me with open arms and it may be a place to take courses to increase my wisdom.

Water freezes at 32 degrees and looking at the ice covered trees made me appreciate salt's influence on the freezing point as I drove from work to an open house for adults at Temple's Ambler campus.

I got some nice attention, being the only adult who showed up. My first words were my desire: I am a man with a BS and a MS who wants to take classes in horticulture and horticulture therapy without pressure to work towards a degree. "Welcome."

A half hour later I was signed up for a class on food crops and touching the ice on the branches I passed on the way to my car.

After visiting three other colleges in the last year where I would be pressed to fit their agenda into my life, it was so comforting to be greeted by a college that would let my life fit into their agenda.

photo note-- in August I mourned for a tree near death at Wernersville. This is all that was left when I went back last week.


  1. I envy you! At seminary I have to jamm myself into a one-size-fits-all program and because I have Goals, I do it. My former SD told me that I will be ok when I figure out how to create my own education within the confines of the requirements. Working on it . . .

  2. There's snow there! A beauty, even in sadness...

    I'm to Wernersville for a day next week, and hope that my nifty new gel cast will let me take at least some of my usual walk.

    Resist being stuffed into a curriculum...I'm all for mindful education!

  3. I left college the first semester, right after my dad died, and it's not that I wouldn't mind going back to school, I just don't know how I'd fit it into a life that seems to have no spare moments. If a door ever opened, I suppose I'd take it as a sign from God, but am happy as I am at present. Good for you, though, as it does sound as if God is in your venture!

  4. Gannet Girl, Michelle, and Jim-- thanks for your input. surely have not figured out my future yet hope the three of you keep traveling though time with me.


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