Tuesday, December 4, 2007

under appreciated

The spiritual exercises have now gotten to the birth. When I imagine myself in that scene, I feel love. At one point I think.... there had to be angst between Mary and Joseph, but it floats by and I return to the love for this baby who God has given to them.

In Luke the angels are singing for the shepherds before they go off to heaven. Christmas music flowed into my brain and I kept it there trying to imagine a choir singing glorrrrria. In the sermon on Sunday, our minister says... don't know if I buy this choir stuff, but wish I had been there to hear it. Ignatius says.... imagine being there.

And there I watch the shepherds telling their story and there sits Mary just being filled with joy. nine months earlier it was dread, but then a decision to be God's servant has led to so much. A child who is proclaimed a savior to those shepherds.

Poor Joseph. I have been reflecting on the man for days and then I forget about him at work. My friend says, "I think Joseph is the most unappreciated man in the Bible." And who do I think of none other than another Joseph.... the man with the dreams who annoyed his brothers enough to be sold into slavery. Yes, the man who was the daddy to Jesus was forgotten, so how could I not agree with my friend.

what do we not appreciate fully.... amazing gifts from God's desire to create new life, in music that is inspired, in stories friends tell us that gladden our heart, in those who cared for us when we were little...... What more shall we praise God for?

strudel.... that's tomorrow.


  1. Strudel...memories of my great grandmother and my dad, stretching out the dough on the kitchen table. And the smell of it all baking...

    My place in choir with the Augustinians faces a statue of St. Joseph. So I remember him every morning as I raise my eye to say the Benedictus...but you're right, despite that, I seriously underrate him...

    may the Exercises continue to bring grace!

  2. I am trying to remember if anyone I have talked to about strudel has actually seen it done. when waa the last time you ate it?

  3. The homemade version?? A decade, at least. I've not tried it making it solo, but might give it a whirl this holidy. I make thin crust pizza that I can stretch until you can see through as a result of my strudel training - my kids are always amazed!!

  4. ...and give my best to Wernersville this weekend! My prayers for grace and peace for you all are promised.

  5. Michelle-- thanks for the best wishes... hope my new posting does not make you too hungry.

  6. I love to read about the different ways in which people experience different parts of The Exercises.

  7. Gannet Girl-- thank you for coming along with my retreat.


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