Wednesday, March 5, 2008

water in dry places

a dry place: imagination can take you there. Jesus says that the disciples will fall way from him. They say no, no, no, never. Jesus says, yes, you will.

I place myself there and I swear to Jesus I will never leave him. Jesus tells me that I will.

I am living water in a dry place, and this is the stained glass that came from feeling this way...

a photo story of how this came to be can be seen here....

it starts with the water color I made at the Lenten retreat .

it starts with a desire to no longer be thirsty.


  1. this looks like my soup felt?!


  2. Interesting how you bring it all together, Wayne; but I enjoy the spiritual insight you attach to it. Your words here, in fact, will no doubt go with me as we visit the Detention Center this weekend....

  3. Michelle-- took me a moment, then I remembered your post

    Jim-- thanks, thought I was a bit disjointed on this post. hope it bears fruit as you take it with you.


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