Wednesday, March 12, 2008

hectic pace

In 9 days starting on the first Sunday of March...

Jazz Vespers at St John's Lutheran Church in Ambler PA that evening. Very cool... their premise was not a bunch of structure, just open up a space for jazz musicians to praise God through their musical talents.

The next evening.... left a long short day of work to go to the Philadelphia Flower show. Internal response something like this--- awed by the immense displays, and curious how much waste is created. Evening included some Burmese cuisine at a place called Rangoon. after dinner we focused on the potted plants and I wondered why I never entered anything????

The next evening I led a Bible discussion at my church. We focused on Numbers 11: 4-9, or how we tend to murmur about what used to be good in our life instead of remembering the bad that went along with it.

The next evening.... to the gym with that free time

Thursday night... my class at Temple Ambler, where I saw three sings of spring... a dwarf Iris of immense beauty, at least three male red-winged blackbirds up from the not too distant south, and the Temple University baseball team outside practicing.

next day... after work I went on an over night retreat got home on Saturday in time to witness a nasty storm and then venture out for Vietnamese food.... one more thing about that retreat. After speaking out loud about my experience with the spiritual exercises, a woman came up to me and said she was compelled to tell me to be gentle with myself.

Sunday... Long trip to Philly featuring Belgium Food at a place called Monks and then to see the Pennsylvania Ballet Company dance to Handel's Messiah, which was played by the Ballet's orchestra and sung by Philadelphia Kantorei. Ended with the ascension of Jesus and the descending Holy Spirit.

Monday... a night off to exercise and pray and stained glass (yes, I am back to the Joy project and the spiritual exercises.)

Last night.... a celebration of something that started 35 years ago... a Jazz festival in Germany, a call for an jam session, two show up, a Jam duet begins what has not ended. The last of the paired down concerts took place last night and Chick Corea and Gary Burton were just amazing. Two man in their 60's filled with a passion for music and in front of an audience so receptive that I am not sure if I ever experienced anything quite like it before.

Tonight... blog than.... exercise, stained glass, prayer....

any of these happenings could have been a full post.... onward....

This is not the time to murmur about how good life used to be when it was not quite this full.


  1. Whew! May the next week bring at least a moment to catch your breath...

  2. Michelle-- I have this week off from teaching, and little planned (for now)


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