Thursday, March 20, 2008


I have written nearly 100 posts and there has been little or no talk about movies, my passion of which waxes and wanes... but I have seen many since August.

Most of the movies I see outside of my house are seen in the Ambler Theater, I went there by myself on Wednesday, then read about the good thief that night. Thursday morning I tried to tie it all together with my spiritual director.

Now I will try again.

In Bruges ended and I was an emotional wreck, movies can do that to me. If I want to be numb, I should avoid them. I wanted to scream out, "This is not the way movies are supposed to happen." And there I was at the foot of the cross understanding those who had believed but were seeing the wrong ending. No movie has gotten to me like this in a long time. Maybe back to when I saw Crash and came home and watched Johnny Cash making a nine inch nails song his own .... to truly let out the emotions.

How did I grow to care so much for a violent character, who would take money to take a life? Maybe it was the emotional pain he was going through while stuck in a town he hated. He is on one cross. By the end of the movie he knows he is supposed to be there, but has hope. Next to him playing the role of Jesus (only in my take of this film) is a friend who would likely give his life so that this man can repent and be saved. Maybe that was it. The Good Thief knows he is guilty, but wants a new life with Christ. There is nothing I see better in a human than a desire to turn away from what is preventing us from living a full life.

That is why I left the theater into a steady rain shocked by the violence I had encountered and like those who were shocked at the cross... trying to have some hope, in this case for the future life of a character written into a movie. Placed into my life.


  1. My wife would have crawled a mile or two to hear Johnny Cash. I, on the other hand, never thought him a "great" singer. His voice, in other words, wasn't why I liked him. He was one of those stars, to me, who possess a "something", a personality?, a likeability?...I don't know. I felt the same about Elvis. At any rate, I never heard most of his later recordings and enjoyed the link you provided....

  2. Jim-- I was introduced to Johnny Cash as a wee one at my grandma's and did drive to see him once. He made that video shortly after June died.

  3. Hadn't looked at it through exactly those eyes and frame of reference.... Very insightful!

  4. Giggles-- thought you would be interested in this one... I really should bring the movies I watch into this blog more often


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