Friday, July 18, 2008

how our own laws drag us down

I've been reading about how Jesus dealt with legalism. You know all those shouldnt's that he did. Let Mary hang out by his feet while Martha did what women folk were supposed to do.

I am amazed at how a person chooses to read a psalm can drive my inner spirit into a frenzy. I favor breaking the verses in half so the call and response has the first part of the verse read aloud, then the congregation and myself reading the second half of the verse. It is so clear that this is the BEST way to read a psalm. SHOULDN'T it be done this way. However, most Sundays it does not go this way at my church. We switch at the verse. I swear I am ready to condemn folk to hell for this blatant sin, well maybe not that far, but it could get ugly if my thoughts leaked out of my mouth. Then I read in the Book of Common Prayer that the normal way for my church is the most popular way Episcopalians do such things. So I could throw the whole lot to hell, or relax. I think I am doing more of the latter lately.

On Wednesday a student asked if I had any veggies for them to sell, and I said.... No, but maybe on Friday.

Surprise surprise... he came back Friday and his memory was not that I said maybe. I grabbed a scissors, and headed off into the approaching heat advisory. As I climbed back up the hill, one hand filled with lime basil, the other carrying a bag of basil, I saw a student, who was hotter than the temps outside.

I sent a few students out to sell the herbs and several golden beets harvested on Thursday, and with one hardy student, headed down to take on green bean harvesting. The hot student was still in turmoil. The field trip van was about to pull out, as I approached the scene and asked for one minute. My message was simple, "you don't want the possible consequences. trust me." I almost got him to give in to the legalism thrown at him that morning, but failed.

5 hours later he thought his day had turned out OK. Then a staff member stopped by with a message for the student, I took it. Thought it best to wait till I could chat with him alone. Then forgot.

Which is fine, because I want to make sure I have the message from the administrator (passed down the line to me) right before I chat with the student. A battle of control is taking place. Being low on the chain of command my student needs some wise advice. The other night when praying on my day, I asked God for wisdom when I spoke to my students. I will be asking for the guidance again this weekend...

and most likely many years to come.


  1. Many years? really? You mean wisdom isn't just a one-time-and-forever thing? ;

  2. uh,oh....I'm in trouble.... when, in the future, I lay-read again, I will ask for the response at the splat....

  3. GG-- well for me it was but I didn't want to make all of you feel bad ;')

    giggles-- not too worry, I think God would be more annoyed at me for being upset than for you leading us in worship. maybe we will see each other tomorrow.

  4. ...Breathe in...breathe out...God hs far fewer rules than we and isn't it good when we look at things from a different you made me do...Spiritgirl

  5. spirit girl-- thanks for stopping by.


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