Sunday, July 20, 2008

PA invades Delaware-- PA Guild of Craftsmen take over the Chase Center

Mosaic Woman recently was reading to me about when Connecticut invaded Pennsylvania because King Charles the 2nd had given them the Wyoming Valley (later the state out west would be named for this valley). Anyway this coming weekend the PA Guild of Craftsmen invade Delaware for the summer crafts show. These events of one state entering another, one for a valley, one for convention space make little sense to me. But hey, next weekend if you are travelling I-95 to the shore... stop by the Bucks Chapter of the Guild (Booth 351 in Governor's Hall) and check out her wonderful mosaics. Mosaic Woman will be there Friday, and I will travel down with her on Sunday afternoon. Saturday other folk will man the booth.


Here is her first box with a quilt design called broken dishes.

a recent mandala with a dichroic glass center and some gold smalti and lots of stained glass (I wonder who gave her the scraps).

She saw this variation of the classic quilt design (square within a square) and created this mosaic.

Don't look for this one in Delaware or Pennsylvania or even Connecticut or Wyoming for that matter. Her mom commissioned this when Mosaic Woman's Uncle got married. He is in Colorado.


  1. Beautiful, beautiful, Wayne. I especially like the spiral one; but they are all beautiful....

  2. Jim... I passed on the kind thoughts to my wife, who sold three mosaics today.


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