Sunday, July 6, 2008

will or lack of it

An unfinished person got me thinking about will.

First off in a message left here he asked if I had an account at LastFm because I had linked to a Michelle Shocked song at that site. I responded that it looked good but I should avoid another on-line activity.

I lacked the will power to avoid and I have been enjoying finding music by some classic jazz folk and some musicians who Mosaic Woman and I saw playing jazz in Rochester. You can also let it select songs based on what they think is similar to a favored musician... I did that with a singer named Kurt Elling. Can't say I was impressed with all that arose but one truly caught my attention. Last Train to Clarkesville, the Monkeys song, being sung by Cassandra Wilson

Later in the day traveling to the school to water some plants, I was listening to American Routes on NPR. And what did I hear, but Cassandra Wilson singing Last Train....

The host explained that it was about a man wanting to spend one last night with his love before being shipped out to war, in that case Vietnam. That is why it was so important to be on that train. Never got that as a child watching the Monkees on TV.

Secondly... The unfinished person is reflecting on words written by St. John of the Cross who wrote...
"Faith resides in the intellect and love in the will."
Last night I willed myself to spend time with God. Or is it that I did not have the will power to resist God's invitation. Or is it a bit of both.


  1. I've enjoyed finding music in all sorts of accidental ways...on the way back from retreat I listened to a playlist on my iPod which included Shen Khar Venakhi - discovered here!

    The St. John of the Cross is thought provoking indeed...

  2. I think I like her version much more than I ever appreciated the Monkeys doing it, Wayne. The grandkids resurrected their "I'm a Believer" a few weeks back, though, and I was (am) a fan of that one...

  3. Even though my current LastFM music might not show it, I really like Cassandra Wilson and all forms of jazz (well, almost all forms, Thelonious Monk? not so much).

    Whichever it is, your will or lack of willpower, the important thing is that you continue to take that "time out" for God each day even after the Exercises are over.

    I'm into too many online activities (just check out -- or don't, to save yourself some reading -- my "about" page).

  4. Michelle- the thought has increased my will

    Jim-- I favor hers also. I am intrigued to look up the lyrics to I'm a Believer.

    s.e--- I've seen your song lists... most I could sing along to as I own much of it, but a few years back I made a turn towards jazz.


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