Sunday, September 14, 2008

quilt shows in Pennsylvania

8 days ago we decide it was best not to go on an adventure, there was a tropical storm overhead. The next day at church, I was asked if we had gone to the quilt show. It seemed like it wouldn't be seen, but her question made me wonder how late it was open. Home from church, I asked Mosaic Woman if she was up for a whirlwind trip to our state capital. Two hours and some minutes later we were at an international display of quilts.

My passion goes back to visits to my grandma who quilted. I own three of her creations. Ask Mosaic Woman why she makes so many mosaics in quilt patterns, and it may go to the day the third one came into our life. The first she ever owned, a gift to both of us. Mamie sensed the time had come to make one more quilt for all of us, and that is how a beautiful blue log cabin quilt arrived.

What quilters can do amazes me. Check these out:

need to see more and the names of the quilters... HERE

At the time it didn't seem like a blessing when the batteries went dead, but after all the posting at FLICKR, I am glad I didn't have more to tag and name.

So, you say, "Give me some of those great quilts of the late 1800's." Well, they didn't let me take my camera out, but if you are close to SE PA go over to Ursinus College in Collegeville to see their EXHIBIT. It just opened today and to escape sweltering in our house, we went on a shorter adventure to check it out.


  1. In a comment on your previous post, you wondered why anybody would visit your blog. It's because I never have any idea what I will find art, music, religion, or science teaching. Never a dull moment and it's interesting.

  2. Kathryn--- Did someone tell you I need practice in accepting compliments? Thanks. I think my blogpost on budgets bored the masses, except a friend IRL who is a financial advisor, and who also is quilting my first (and last?) quilt. She saved the quilt top from spending an eternity in a dresser drawer. she is also the friend who asked me if I had gone to the quilt show. if your listening Giggles, I expect to hear that you went to Ursinus!

  3. Yes, I will at least go to Ursinus, but your pictures make me sad that I didn't go to Harrisburg! Boo-hoo....your pictures, yet again, are gorgeous!

    PS. I kept forgetting to mention, the quilt is, slowly, coming along... As the weather cools down, it will go much quicker. It will be an unsolicited Christmas present for you!

  4. The Appalachian Mountains run through Kentucky, too, and while one doesn't see them so much these days, I'm sure there are indeed down here such gatherings as you attended. Beth owns a few passed down to her from her mother; but mostly it's just gray-haired old grandmothers stitching one together for a new baby here locally...

  5. Giggles-- Like I said, you saved it from storage. I will be grateful whenever it shows up.

    Jim-- Quilting is alive and well in many parts of the country. I hope that it is more than the grandmothers at work in yours. as far as I know Giggles is not a grandma yet. ;')

  6. OMG!!!!!!! Lots of gray hairs, but my oldest is only 11!!!!!! It's gonna be awhile (I hope) before I enjoy grandkids. Careful there, my friend!! ;-)


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