Thursday, September 18, 2008

today and tomorrow

The day started with me writing "Bacteria in the NEWS..."
  1. we now know a trick of TB which may lead to new drugs... hope
  2. cars in England have well over 200 species of bacteria living in them... I wonder how many were in my car I just donated to charity.
  3. Traditionally used Korean copper bowls kill a nasty bacteria that thrives in raw fish... cultural evolution meets biological evolution.
  4. a cyanobacteria can fix nitrogen and it can do photosynthesis... blows the mind of biochemists. It also has linear chromosomes for those who care to know.
  5. E coli have been engineered to make the plastic used in spandex and car bumpers... "green" plastic not from oil... this ones scares me and makes me say how cool.
The day ended with me sending an e-mail to say OOPS. Was not a great sin, but I wanted my supervisor to not lay full blame on another staff, declare my imperfections, explain the situation in full, and I wanted the person to reconsider a decision that will make a student sad.

So tomorrow I will head into work with the uncertainty of how my e-mail will bounce around in the head of the one it was sent to??????

Night also creates uncertainty. Uncertainty brings on fear. It is no wonder we love our electricity and that there are image after image in the Bible of God and Jesus being compared to light. Light is good.

Those who have journeyed with me know that Mosaic Woman and I do our fair share of cultural events. In 11 years of being in the suburbs, we have not headed to Philadelphia at night with each other, though we have each gone with friends. Tomorrow night that changes. A living legend, who graduated from the same school as my dad, is coming to town. In my opinion, the most beautiful jazz CD I own is The Melody of the Night, With You solo piano jazz by Keith Jarrett. In his early years he was known for epic imrovs and this album may shock those who have only heard those albums. Most of the tunes he selected are classic jazz standards, but not this one, click here, give your eyes a break, and listen to a man who is known to grunt at his piano to pull out notes he imagines it can make, if only he hopes and dreams them into being. Do you have 5 minutes and 46 seconds to share with the man's passion? I wish all of you do.


  1. I hope you have a wonderful date!

  2. Mrs. M-- thanks, this country mouse is almost, kind of, practically on the verge of being ready to take his gal to the big city. hope you had a chance to listen to the music.

  3. I listened this am....brought tears ro my eyes.... It is beautiful. Makes one pause and forces one to listen....

  4. Giggles, I too felt that sadness in the music. It is a song of immense longing, as is the tune I linked to in my next post. I am glad that I can introduce folk to music I have a passion for through this blog.


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