Wednesday, March 17, 2010

planning Stratoz style

OK, so I do not use a daily planner. The ironic part is my memory has never been a strength. LIke today, as I was washing plastic domes to put over our planted seeds, I remembered a meeting and was on time, but not exactly early. My computer at work has outlook which I use for the meetings that get scheduled directly into it.
At home we have two months of big events posted on our fridge. If a friend wants to do something, I tell them I will get back to them. If they really want to do it, they can wait for me to check the fridge.
Taking time off from teaching is a great mental health activity from time to time, however, leaving assignments to keep the students busy and to keep them happy makes for some planning. I left work today happy with the plans I left. Happy that the 20 degrees above normal and dry forecast will allow the horticulture students to have fun outside. They are so ready to be outdoors again.
I do enjoy planning what I am going to teach even if I despise (is that strong enough) writing it down. I also enjoy imagining a piece of stained glass and then holding it up to the light...

The starflower has two near identical cohorts, while the Vine of Nasturtiums has one. All will make their public display this Saturday at the North Penn Select Craft Show.
In fact my brain is often coming up with plans, I just don't write them down, so in the near future Margaret and I will be having a big big date. to see...
this that and the other thing.... a forest cathedral

now I guess I need to finish planning my day at the NSTA conference tomorrow... well I do know that I am meeting up with a friend to hear jazz after the workshops.
planning is important


  1. Ideas/plans seem to be slipping more readily out through the cracks in my mind lately. I wish they would shine back through panes of beautiful glass like your pieces. I hope you have a wonderful time in that forest cathedral!

  2. If Spring is yet playing hide and seek with us in the natural, it nonetheless seems to have arrived in your everyday life. I've lost 30 pounds the last few months and am noticing the difference in many ways, but would have a hard time, I think, keeping pace with you....

  3. Walk2write.... thanks for the kind words... once I make my visit I have much to say about the cathedral

    Jim... 30 pounds. congrats.


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