Sunday, March 14, 2010

who needs a daily planner

I have made attempts at keeping one. I have. I really have. But now when I see them in the stores, I feel it would be just a waste of money. Well, I know it would be a waste.
And there are times I mess up. Last week I was talking about going to the NSTA conference in Philadelphia to one of my classes and a student said, "But isn't ..//... happening next Friday." And yes, I had been asked about my availability when ..//..... was scheduled. Feeling guilty, I sent an e-mail acknowledging my imperfections, but not mentioning the brief but quickly fading thought I had of not going to the conference.

...//.... can happen without me.
Now what is happening next weekend was beyond my control... Kind of. You see how could I pass up on the national conference happening in my neck of the woods, even if we had already signed up for a craft show that weekend, and then my father-in-law decided to come to Pennsylvania. How the man planned a four day visit on the four days of the conference is beyond me. So, I can't really not see the man, considering that with this upcoming visit I will have see him, on average, once every 1679 days since I met Mosaic Woman.
OK, so it looks like this... an epic day in Philly on Thursday ending with an evening of jazz at Chris's. Get to Philly early on Friday, but beat rush hour home so I can help Mosaic Woman set up for the North Penn Select Craft Show. On Saturday thanks to two wonderful friends who have agreed to help Mosaic Woman at the show, I will head into Philly, but get back in time to help take down the booth and then an evening with the rarely seen family. Sunday... let me check my non-existent planner... I will head back to Philly for the final four hours of the conference. Who knows, maybe worship with the Jesuits in Society Hill and I have my eye out for a jazz brunch. Do you know of one?
see, who needs a planner when you got a wondering/wandering mind that unfolds with your life. and if I am lucky, I will unfold into some Burmese Food at Rangoon in China Town.
Luckily for now this isn't even penciled in, so I can change plans on a whim.


  1. How wise of you to dispense with the planner and go with your mind ... at least as long as it functions with such organizational skill. But when it comes to events in the far, rather than near future, to which I have agreed, I'd be lost without my Outlook calendar.

  2. Wish I could dispense with a planner. Sometimes even WITH one I don't manage to avoid goof-ups...maybe even big ones.
    Thank you for stopping by. I haven't blogged in so long, you're the only person who has commented.

    I had never thought about Elizabeth, either. I certainly will from now on. Thank you for that insight.

  3. Beryl--- if I implied my mind functions well, I may have led you on ;')

    Zorra--- I just never keep up with planners, so I don't bother buying them... I just may have some organization skill deficits


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