Saturday, March 6, 2010

hoping for the elves to come through and a big date to see Bill Frisell


I have a bag full of papers to be graded and material to be prepped sitting under a table in booth number 7 at the Owen J Roberts Craft Show. Any chance the elves that I hope will clean up our kitchen will also take care of those tasks which are waiting in my bag.

Was a bit groggy at the show today, but happy for how the day went. Friends stopped by to wish us good luck. We made a good number of sales. The food was tasty. The other crafters were talented and a joy to be around. and no SNOW!

So we had made a pact that after two weeks of being Olympic late night fools (late for us), we would get some sleep this week leading into the craft show. So there I was going through the mail on Monday when I saw a flier from the Sellersville Theater 1894. I thought..."wonder if they have any jazz coming. Bill Frisell! Thursday night! Dang, how can we go to a concert the night before a Friday which would be a work day followed by setting up for the craftshow."

But Bill Frisell is amazing. He loves music and is not afraid to venture into any genre with his jazz guitar in hand...

and he ended with this tune...

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