Sunday, June 13, 2010

Friends of Jazz celebrate wonderful women: thoughts and photos

Mosaic Woman and I spent Friday and Saturday night in Harrisburg, PA digging the fact that women play jazz...

The Expected Joy: Helen Sung was beautiful in every which way and when she played three straight Monk tunes... I was blessed.

The Most Pleasant Surprise: After the Diva Jazz Orchestra finished a tune, it was announced that Sharel Cassity had just played a sax solo. In January I bought her 2009 CD. She was the only musician I made an effort to say, "you are wonderful."

The Exuberant: Anat Cohen did nothing but make the Hot club of Detroit even hotter. And then she was still exuberant when the festival was over and she rode the elevator with us to the same floor.

The New: I had never heard of Tia Fuller, but now I have and would gladly listen to her play again.

The One Who Sang Ella: I was so hopeful to hear the great America songbook to end the festival. And Patti Austin delivered.

and the Future... The young women in the youth orchestra:


  1. Am I blind or is that a male drummer in that last picture? It sounds like a great time was enjoyed by all and I'm thinking it to have been one I would have liked.....

  2. Jim... men were hardly not allowed on the stage, however, two of the 6 bands were entirely female musicians. two were led by women. one was all male but had a special guest who was female. The youth orchestra was mostly male except for those I featured in the blog.

  3. Sounds like a fun time, Wayne.


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