Friday, June 25, 2010

travelling for more than glass

No, I did not put nearly 1000 miles on the road so I could buy some Youghiogheny Glass.

In fact since the end of the school year I have put well over a thousand miles on the Fit.

1. Montclaire, NJ may have been a long drive for a jazz concert, but considering it was a chance to meet two Twitter friends and hear their music... There were moments that they reminded me of the night we saw Keith Jarrett. Check out Sunna Gunnlaugs.

2. Sunday night we drove to two closed Mexican restaurants then landed at a brew pub in Kutztown in order to see Mosaic Woman's mom and stepdad who were in town from Wisconsin.

3. Monday was a smooth drive to Cleveland where I went to meet and visit a blogger friend. And though many a cool site was seen there, it was finding out about a space elevator plan on Monday and then the conversation I had imagined months ago on Tuesday night that made the trip complete.

4. Wednesday I stopped by Pittsburgh to meet a flickr friend with a great sense of humor. She is also a big fan of stained glass so there I was drinking the iced coffee she had handed me as she was calling the Youghiogheny Glass Company. And so I went and though the trip was full of traffic, construction, blocked streets, closed shops, and no credit card machines... I came home with amazing glass.

5. Thursday I drove to have lunch with a Dave, because after all these new internet friends, I needed a good old fashioned friend in real life. But there was another new person to meet, so last night we drove an hour to meet the new dude in my sister-in-laws life and now I want to explore the world of South African jazz.

Last June we drove to Rochester and Buffalo to meet folk. So I see June being the time to meet new folk, who I have gotten to know amazingly well because of being social in the digital world.

attempts were made to see a few other folk, maybe another June, or another month. We will see.



  1. Yeah, sometimes it takes awhile to get to the real conversation.

  2. Robin... as if I was going to leave town without it happening

  3. How wonderful that you guys could connect!


  4. What a great idea: a whole month for meeting new friends.

  5. Sounds like you had a good trip. Hopefully, we get a clean bill of health here this Monday; but life goes on: both cars are shopped for repairs at the moment. I'm getting too old for this. Resting in Him....

  6. It was a wonderful 7 days. Now I am ready to be a hermit


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