Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I am thinking about attempting a 365...

Just back from Washington DC where I took a ton of photos and it got me thinking about what folk at Filckr call a 365... post one photo a day for 365 days. I am not going to worry about the photo being taken from that day at hand... I've got plenty to catch up on. Maybe one day a week will be from that day. I can make and break my own rules just fine.

Tradition has it that you start on New Years Day, but with my birthday looming in July, why not start then. DC photos could fill a huge chunk and I wouldn't have to do a massive Flickr download.

I rarely post more than one at a time anyway, but I did 16 from my Cleveland trip in one swoop.

Three places are highlighted...

A Chapel in Lake View Cemetery...

A botanical Garden...

and an architectural gem by Gehry...

see the rest here.



  1. Remember when I told you that you and Mosaic Woman needed to see that chapel. It is amazing!

    I'd love to see a 365 from you.

  2. Robin... you better

    Daisy... Thanks!

    Kathryn... hopefully a next trip to Cleveland will involve Margaret

  3. I say "Go for it Wayne!" I keep thinking about posting a drawing a day, but I just don't see myself that disciplined. Then I think, "Well maybe I'll become disciplined if I pursue one thing everyday"... so again, go for it Wayne!

  4. Valerie... thanks. I will turn to you again and again for such encouragement

  5. I do like these images Wayne ... quite lovely.

    I do hope that you do a 365


  6. Karen... thanks for adding your encouragement


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