Friday, September 3, 2010

Fridays in PA--- a place for silence, The Jesuit Center

As seen in during my recent time of silence at the Jesuit Center in Wernersville, PA

a flower that greeted me upon my arrival, and yes, the name is on the tip of my tongue.

no surprise to find a mosaic in the bunch, but I am not sure who the wavy hair dude is???

waiting for the moon to rise, I went down a grassy hill and came across Mary.

Caught my eye from the hallway, so I plopped my self onto the ground a shot from a distance.

This I found in a room at the front of the center dedicated to Walter J. Ciszek S.J.

As I was gathering acorns a woman walked the path taking her to all the stations of the cross.

Where the hymns were found.

The desk upon which I doodled. I cleared a space to take a photo of the slogan of the Rochester Jazz Festival.

a lamp


  1. It's always nice to see one of my favorite spots through someone else's eyes -- I love the acorn photo.

    The guy with the wavy hair is St. Isaac Jogues - the patron saint of the novitiate there.

  2. Can't WAIT!

    I love the acorn photo, too.

  3. Beautiful pics Wayne. There are many nooks and crannies filled with treasures there. I love the Jesuits library. Some very dusty books and a very cozy place.

  4. Michelle and Blackswamp Girl--- thanks for the ID's

    Robin... maybe you can use this as a scavenger hunt ;')

    Janis... will always remember the night I broke silence and ran into you at the UCC church

  5. Some lovely stuff found in the silence, Wayne.

  6. Valerie, thanks for stopping by. I try to resist taking photos of everything and instead tried to take a ton of photos a a few things with the hope that one would capture it well, then weeded and weeded. I have others of the Cleome that were too good to weed... will show up at flickr, maybe.


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