Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Hope and Coloring For The Troubled Soul

Saturday night I got one of those calls that takes one into despair.  My sister, who had survived and battled back from two strokes and stage 4 ovarian cancer (over five years ago), had had a stroke while worshiping at her church.

She could be worse.  She could be better.  She knows she can heal.  She believes in a God who loves us and I hope she will find strength and courage once again.

Sunday I found myself coloring.  I wanted to get a coloring book onto etsy.  I ran short of time.  Monday I colored some more.  As I colored my brain floated to my concern for my sister.  I was ready to advertise that coloring soothes our troubles mind, lifts our spirit.  For years I have promoted sending mandalas to those in need.  By the time the etsy post had been made, I had created six mandalas for my sister.

If you read this post and are moved to color in my mandalas, here is the link

Peace and hope.


  1. Praying for and with you and your sister.

  2. Yes, praying for strength and peace.

  3. Me, too... and what a wonderful way to vent the anxiety and worry. Beautiful artwork, as always.

  4. Hoping for the best for your sister, Wayne. She's had a tough time.


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