Saturday, February 9, 2013

So my student said, I hate when my dad plays gospel bluegrass

... So off I went to the deep back corner of my storage closet and I started looking at the Bluegrass CD's I had placed back there years ago to make room for jazz at home. And there I found Ain't no Grave Can Keep My Body Down on a Tim and Mollie O'Brien project. The jazz flowing through my horticulture class stopped.
I tried to tell the student it was Zombie bluegrass. But he was not buying that for a moment. However, I made it up to him Friday afternoon, when I let him play a Rush CD. Which took me back 35 years or so.


  1. i can't usually do jazz. it zings my nerves.
    i found this interesting...

  2. listening to the st louie blues with gris-man, broz-man and auldridge.

    1. Nance ~ thanks for the visit. Sorry to hear that jazz does that to you. It is so splendid to my spirit.

    2. Me too. My music selection has gotten smaller. But, when i do find something that my whole self likes, then i like it very much.

      it's no fun being sensitive to so many things.
      some sounds, some smells, some words.
      most colours are okay now.
      though i guess it holds some good as well...

    3. Nance ~ there is jazz that I would never/rarely choose to play at home because I find it agitating, but in a concert hall with my eyes closed I can let it flow into me.


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