Sunday, June 30, 2013

A shirt for many occasions ~ belief plus doubt equals sanity

Margaret spotted this when we were in the midst of this and knew it had my name all over it, even though I do not own a piece of red clothing.

I am a man of hope and uncertainty. I don't know how it will turn out, but I believe it will, some how some way. I see this as a perfect shirt for a few occasions. The red and the message make it perfect for the first two.

  1. Pentecost Sunday ~ my very first thought when I read it. I believe God has transformed my life but doubt God's existence on a regular basis. Being 100% certain either way is likely a state m mind will avoid.
  2. A Philadelphia Phillies game ~ even in the best years I do believe they can win, but I doubt if they will win all their games. Only sane approach to being fan.
  3. And maybe I will break it out when I celebrate my birthday. I believe I will have many more to celebrate but doubt they will go on for ever and can only hope to make it to the next one.
  4. Where else? Suggestions...



  1. I don't know if questioning keeps me sane or not, but I tend to do it. :-) So in that way I can relate.

  2. My sincere sympathies on being a Phillies fan this year. We were certain that the Red Sox were going to be a disaster but, lo and behold, they have been pretty darn good. But I have my doubts nonetheless.


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