Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Sunflower Commission is about to unfold

A few weeks ago I put out a cry for help. I was packing for a time at the Jesuit Center. It wasn't the choice of clothes or mug (that is for Michelle) that was causing me angst. It was the intensity of the commissions, which I was hoping to design.

The client, who hoped to bring peace to grieving parents, came by for the mandala he commissioned. The blue behind the symbol of the lost child caught his eye. May it truly bring peace.

Margaret has grouted the Celtic Tree wedding present. I think we did something amazing together and may it be a blessing to the two lives that will unfold together.

And now the sunflower. I first tried to hand the commission to Margaret, who has made mandalas inspired by the colors of various sunflowers. But as you can see the client wrote, "made by your hand," and then went on to share her connections. I took that note with me and read it prior to designing the suncather with the hope that I could capture what clearly is her totem plant.

The post card was sent to the Jesuit Center by Michelle. It came late, but it showed up here in Lansdale. Jesuits are kind that way (I owe the man a thank you). Michelle's card is in my studio as a reminder of all those who prayed for me.

My client also digs Jesuits and she believes our lives unfold like a sunflower. This is no typical sunflower. It is like us. Beautiful, but only emerging into our full splendor.

Three commissions that awed me. That took me to the hope that I could create them in the midst of prayer.



  1. Mine little sunflower plants are about two inches tall now...if they ever get to the point of having flowers...i will take a photo to show you.

    1. Mine are swimming in a deluge right now. Would love to see photos of yours in the future.

  2. I am looking forward to seeing it! I hope I did not stress you out in terms of creating it!

    1. Becky ~ awed by the trust others had in me to be creative. Had had similar commissions to all three in the past but not all at once. And the Celtic tree was something I could only imagine before I began.


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