Wednesday, July 3, 2013

My Garden drives A Hard Bargain

My garden has told me to back off with any camera, unless I have come to take care of it. So there I was coming home from DC to plenty of new blooms, but it told me to stay away. A painful thumb was my excuse (though it didn't seem to keep me out of the studio).

Today I went out. So it seems best to do it this way. Garden for a bit, grab the iPad take several photos of one plant, sit on the porch. garden, photo, garden...

These photos were taken before vacation. Spiderwort greeted you, below is Yarrow, Begonia, Echinacea, and the annual Rose with Buddha moment.



  1. I dig all the pics...but especially that rose. What's her name, and is she fragrant?

  2. Beautiful photos from the Garden of Nutmeg Designs!

  3. ooooh! it's wonderful to get more photos from the garden! they are all so beautiful. and i like the way that you snuck up on the garden with a little porch time and photos. Love!


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