Wednesday, January 21, 2015

a week of poetic feet selfies ~~ It Wasn't The Wind by Linda Allardt

It Wasn't a The Wind by Linda Allardt Memorial Art Gallery Poet Walk
It Wasn’t The Wind

nor chasing squirrels
that brought the snow
down from the trees, but sun
before the clouds moved in.
I think of sails,
thin membranes spread
in the solar wind
Such far travel
before so slight a push,
always away from the sun
in slow acceleration, its course
an imperceptible bent past planets,
micro-impacts, the turbulence
where light meets light
between paired stars.
Stretched wide to the sun,
how far I find myself from anchor.

Linda Allardt, "It Wasn't the Wind" from Accused of Widsom (Foothills Publishing, 2004).

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