Friday, January 9, 2015

Recovering in the horticulture room: an annual gift of cuttings of Christmas Cactus

Christmas cacti cuttings

Last year was a rough year for our Christmas cacti. Overwatering may have done them in. So it was especially nice when my colleague and friend showed up with her plants this year. Once again she allowed us to take billions and billions of cuttings. Great success with rooting and now planted in these bright yellow pots. Caught my eye as I pondered a photo as my teaching week came to an end. Probably the fact that being a UofO Duck alum helped their cause


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  1. So glad you're starting a new Christmas cactus forest! I know mine sure bring a ton of joy in the dark months. Two are still blooming right now! But many need to be re-potted. Soon.


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