Saturday, September 12, 2015

Finding Crow Shirts: Shopping Stratoz Style

Andre Harvey, Sounding The Alarm, 1983  Bronze on Walnut Base at the Brandywine Museum. Photo by Wayne Stratz
 I dig birds. It is that simple. I have for a long time. Cornell University celebrates birds and has recognized the value of those who feed birds.

So when we dicided to take a short vacation to re-explore Ithaca, I was curious if we could visit the bird lab. We could. The next few posts will celebrate the art and nature we experienced. But let us start with the shirt on my back. Margaret says, "They have a shirt with you written all over it." 

That was just the cool front. Come back to see that in the next post. 

Then we opened it up and read the back. Celebrate the amazing life of crows. I do it in my classroom, on afternoon walks through our neighborhood, in sermons I have given, and now on my back.

Stop! Watch a crow.

My Crow Research shirt tells it like it is. Photo by Margaret Almon

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