Sunday, December 23, 2007

Unfolding with Jesus

Reading Jim's thoughts over at brainwaves the other day led to this question.... "Quick! What linguistic term would you assign yourself on such subject?" to see what led to the question read the rest of his thoughts.

I answered "unfolding".

Now Jim asks if I see a spark of the divine in this young Jesus I have been blogging about.


Ignatius has called me to be a witness of Jesus's life to get to know him, to love him, and to follow him.

How can I imagine...

watching through a hole in the wall as the angel brings the news to Mary...
being there when the baby arrived and seeing the love in the eyes of Mary and Joseph...
befriending Joseph who shared the dreams sent by God to guide him...
witnessing those that saw the truth first.... wise folk, shepherds, Simeon, Anna.....
watching a family of friends flee to Egypt and witnessing brutality of those in power...
watching a young boy grow in wisdom...

and then say NO, I guess I could, however...

Jesus was part of creation and he unfolded with it just as I am unfolding. It takes all my faith to believe he was divine, but that is where my faith has taken me. And in that sense he was perfect.

What I don't buy is that Jesus was perfect. If he was fully human, than the man was imperfect. I may be wrong on this but that just proves my imperfection.

What is truth? Jesus was perfect and he was a goof like the rest of us. His human life unfolded. We are given the same opportunity, for in each moment we are renewed as is all of creation.

Thanks for the questions, Jim.

May all of your Holidays be filled with Joy, hope, peace, and love.


  1. 'tis the season for these contemplations! I had two conversation while at Wernersville about just what did "fully human" mean and just when did incarnation take place. I'm on the side that Jesus had to have been cranky from time to time, and wasn't perfect or he would have told his mother he'd gone to the temple!

  2. Michelle---- I see Jesus as the perfect son to Mary... I don't know if any male has done that.... recently I heard the striving for perfection makes one perfectly silly.

  3. As the mother of sons, I wonder if being the perfect son meant being part of Mary's growth in her life -- and so the incident where he went missing was for her a teaching moment?

    This post was very apt for me, as my director sent me home suggesting I pray a bit with a piece from the second week...


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