Tuesday, January 1, 2008

the roller coaster is in a valley

In a funk today...

it isn't one main thing and it is ....

Mosaic woman has a cold and is distracted by her day tomorrow.

It is my last day of my vacation and I face all that I didn't get to, including the house chores I had said I would get to, well I got to some.

But what keeps floating into my mind is my latest piece of stained glass. Thought of last January, designed in April, redesigned, redesigned again this week, then a few days of cutting, foiling to Red Garland, soldering it into one piece, then being pleased when it fit well into an 8x10 frame and putting on some silicone to hold it in. Then the moment of truth, I carefully held it up to the light. I was well pleased, and this gift for a friend was done. I took it down to show Margaret. I set it down. I wanted another look. I held it up and it fell from the frame and bounced off our radiator as it fell. I put it back in the frame.

After dining out, I pick it up. Something is wrong. I look closer, a piece is broken. I look closer and at least 7 of the 40 pieces are cracked.

It can be fixed but that will take learning a new skill and lots of time. I go back to work tomorrow and after a frustrating attempt at trying to get one piece out Mosaic woman wisely said, "put it aside."

Tonight I sat with Jesus as he changed water into wine. At the end I hear these words... "Keep riding the roller coaster" you know.. life, ups and downs.

In the midst of the funk I made cabbage and noodles for lunch, and banana pancakes for dinner when Mosaic woman asked for a delay in making our traditional black-eye peas and cornbread. I also sat with her as we read through a couple more months of our journals for 2007 and talked about that roller coaster ride.


  1. Cabbage and noodles? Never heard of that one before, but it sounds right up my alley. About two to three inches of snow here today, a temperature outside right now of eight degrees, and already an hour delay on our first day back after the break. I'll take it...

  2. Oh, so sorry about your precious work of art. And the roller coaster dipping down too.

    I haven't been by in a while and it was cool to read back through your Second Week reflections....

    Take good care of yourself, okay?

  3. Jim-- cabbage and noodles is one of those meals I grew up with-- My mom makes homemade noodles.

    Laura-- welcome back. taking care of myself is God's desire... God does not want us to just love God and others... I sometimes feel we can't do doing the other two well if we don't love ourselves....


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