Sunday, January 27, 2008

struggles with the storm

I am having difficulty with Jesus rebuking a bunch of men on a stormy boat. The fisherman were in a fearful place. They knew of no such power to calm storms at sea. They knew people died in shipwrecks.

What am I to get from this? Have no fear for Jesus will save me from what appears certain death.

Or is it the fear that prevents a full life. Panic is not good, ask those men playing with millions on Wall Street.

I went into this weekend a bit panicked. A busy schedule will do that for me. A trip planned on Saturday, company coming for lunch on Sunday, a house not so tidy, work to do on this and that... how could one survive such a thing.

Well, we survived. My parents got their Christmas present on Saturday... potato pancakes. Here I am in action at my sister's place...

Before I even had told my family that I would rather make them a traditional meal than buy them a present, my one sister had bought me a meat grinder for Christmas. You see Pop Pop, as we called him, used one to prepare the uncooked potatoes. My sister sent a few reminders for me to call my aunt to get the recipe, which had no Swiss cheese, black pepper, or parsley all of which went into the ones I had been making for years. Simple, but they did taste like those we feasted on in Emmaus, PA.


  1. I've struggled with this passage, too. For an entire retreat once. I came to wonder if they were afraid to wake Christ up...rather than afraid of the sea...and that's what he was chiding them about!

  2. Michelle-- interesting thought, it is good to sit with these stories.


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