Monday, January 7, 2008

tucked in-- my quilt's story

I am in love with quilts. My one grandma did that to me and that is me tucked into the one she made for us way back when we lived in Oregon. A few years ago I took a beginners class and off to the races I went with no set plan. I did the squares I was taught. Found some of interest. Designed one myself. Ended up with 16 squares which I pieced together. Added a border. folded it up for a summer. bought batting and fabric for the back. put that in a closet. took a class on stained glass. changed my studio from a quilter to a glass worker setting.

One day (a while ago) at church a woman mentioned quilting. I mentioned my project. She may have said it was a sin for it to be going nowhere. time passed, but she wanting me to repent did not forget.

A few days before Christmas I took what I had to her house. With her husband's help we basted the thing together. Finishing a beer and resting our aging bodies we talked about the actual quilting process. I said, "when am I going to do that?"

she said, "you could pay someone to machine quilt it."

It sounded like the best idea, Then she said, "But of course that means you have to take all the stitches from basting out." Oh yes, to be a goof-ass.

The next Sunday in church she said, "have you called the quilter yet?" I said NO.

She had another option. She would be glad and honored to quilt it for me. I said BARTER.

Christmas Eve, I said, "Come to church tomorrow and I will hand it to you."

She said, "Great, I can take it to Ohio with me."

I said, "You are going to take my quilt to Ohio!!!!" She said YES.

Yesterday I asked if she was finished yet and promised I would not ask again.

She has started.


  1. Thought I had commented here this morning, but must have hit a wrong button or something. That quilt you're occupying is beautiful. It sounds, however, as if "to quilt or not to quilt" isn't a decision you're wrestling with anymore....

  2. Jim-- Yes, in the midst of all I want to do with my life, for now, I choose not to quilt.

  3. As a lapsed quilter myself (made at least eight of 'em, then had three kids and now cannot make the time) I am so happy to hear you handed that quilt over to the woman at church.

    Even if it goes to Ohio it will come back to you as beautiful as ever. You will be posted a photo when it is finished, yes?

  4. cardiogirl-- I will surely post a photo.. maybe with my friend from church if she is willing to be seen on my blog.

  5. I've seen some of your other posts with quilts and quilt inspiration, but they are even more meaningful now. Thank heavens for LinkWithin!!!


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