Saturday, January 24, 2009

jazz with strings

In the beginning... I was in college and opening myself up to new music in ways that had never happened before. One of the jazz LP's I bought was Charlie Parker playing with strings. To be clear, he was playing his sax, while he played music with folk playing string instruments other than guitar or bass. Here he is playing about something many of us are longing for these days

Then there was a desire to have a CD of Marian McPartland playing her own music. No easy link to the music on her CD, Silent Pool, but check out NPR's longest-running and most widely carried jazz program, Marian McPartland's Piano Jazz. The way you get that honor is to live a long life and to keep playing.

But probably my favored jazz with strings CD may be Clifford Brown, an amazing trumpet player who sadly died on the Pennsylvania Turnpike at a way too young age in 1956.

Here is Blue Moon from that session where he played with strings.

My mind is on these things because I am excited about what I plan to be a witness. Jazz pianist and composer Billy Childs has written a piece of music to be played by his 6 piece band along with the Ying Quartet (need some non-jazz). Montgomery County Community College tells me that this will be the regional premiere of the piece.

and this post of many links will end with one more, no string quartet, but Mr. Child's plays an appropriate tune for this moment.


  1. The sax and the trumpet, Wayne, remind me of my youngest son-in-law. Mostly I hear him in church and, while he is not so bold with it in front of others, during worship he gets lost in "giving it to God", becoming one with both the instrument and Him. Mellow. Anointed. The two best words I can lend to it. (And the group he played with during h/s years was into jazz). I like the genre as much as I do most else. It depends on my mood and what's being put on the table. My journey through the late 50s yet holds some bubblegum rock 'n roll in nostalgia, but also some folk, some country, some contemporary-whatever catches me in my heart. I like the songs my father's generation brought forth...

  2. Jim--- glad you had a chance to give a listen to the music. The combo came to me as I awoke this morning, so I got my self out of bed and went searching to see what I could fine for a post.

  3. Charlie Parker...brings back good memories.

  4. Kievas--- thanks. The concert last night was nothing like Charlie Parker but was wonderful all the same.


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