Thursday, January 1, 2009

setting up a shop

All pieces are my original d
esigns and can be shipped to you by priority mail with plenty of support and bubble wrap.

My stained glass and mosaic hearts come in a variety of sizes and colors. Purchase Here.

My sun catchers have been described as stars and flowers and I call them starflowers. They come with different number points and pieces and some have a hollow a center. My framed pieces are often the only places you see straight lines. Purchase them here.

Collaborations with my wife, mosaic artist Margaret Almon: I design and cut out the pieces for the letters. She takes it from there... You can buy them here.

My wife and I truly enjoy making mandalas as part of our spiritual practice. Check them out here.


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  2. Wow, did I not know you did this?? That rainbow star is gorgeous.

    You know how I have tried to grow blue poppies? Have you ever tried to do a poppy in stained glass?

  3. Kylee---- I was going to e-mail you tomorrow and ask you to check out my most recent post here at Stratoz. I am trying to keep work and private blogs separate

    How did you find me here?

    check this mosaic out by my wife...

  4. Oh my goodness, how beautiful is that?? I have a thing for blue pottery and blue glass.

    I found you here because you left a comment on Kim's blog (Blackswamp_girl). She grew up near me, although I never knew her until I discovered her blog. I've met her in real life since then and her parents still live near here.
    Yes, I'm a Black Swamp Girl, too!

  5. Kylee--- I am glad you liked my wife's mosaic. I told her your idea of poppies and one (or both) of us may go for it.

    That explains it. It was a pleasant if not mystifying visit.

    I believe, with a dose of uncertainty, that God really smiles when we quit cursing about our hardships and realize God wasn't happy either when we feel suffering.

  6. My blue/green chemistry inspired stained glass makes me happy every day. It hangs in my kitchen which - as you and Mosaic Woman know from experience - is the most used room in the house!

    I hope our jazz festival and your schedule coordinate again soon!

  7. Thanks Kathryn---- as for the kitchen, I am embarrassed by how much I used it ;')


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