Thursday, January 1, 2009

Epic Stained Glass--- no less will do for Giggles

It is epic for me. when it is done it will have 99 pieces inside of 120 square inches. She must have done something nice... future post.
It involved cleaning up my studio so I could sit at a drafting board. Lots of erasure dust is about. a bit of research on a quilt pattern. adapting it to make it my own. getting it photocopied, cutting out 99 pattern pieces...
But today I got to picking out glass and cut out most of the larger pieces. She wants to be surprised... so no images allowed


  1. And now I am second guessing the surprise thing...since you've "peeked" my interest!!

    Hey, how was your Epiphany with MW??!!

  2. Giggles--- as for Epiphany... we chose to have an eating out splurge instead of buying presents.


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