Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Thinking of the Orange Man

On this day of green you could always count on my one friend to wear bright orange. The last time I saw him was at a funeral for a mutual friend a few months back. I greeted him warmly. He said, "I wish I could remember your name." Dementia has him and is winning the battle.

A few months back from that date Mosaic Woman said good bye on her cell phone and headed back into a conference center hotel lobby. She sat down and had a drink with a friend. Her friend asked where I worked and became all excited when she heard. She had been a student there and she spoke warmly of many staff but it was the Orange Man she gloated over the most. He had hooked her up to a center that does the exposure and response treatment for those with OCD, which I had blogged about here. Her life changed and the Orange Man was behind it.

I almost wore an orange shirt today in tribute. Maybe I will do it next year. This one is for you...


  1. I love the orange light in front of the light for your friend. I could never wear orange on St. Patty's Day - the oppression was too much to bear and I'm old enough to remember those violent days.

    The fact that he found a way to profoundly change his student's life gives me hope. It was a day when I had to kick a student out of class - as a nonconfrontational person who believes in respect and high expectations, it took a lot to come to this. I am grateful for the story of hope in what he passed on to someone who needed a helping hand.

  2. KathrynJ---- sorry to hear about your "first" as a teacher. I wore my Orange shirt today, of course half way through geology class the students became aware of the tag hanging off of it.

  3. Orange, a great color.... In one far eastern culture, I forget which one, it has special meaning... It's good, but I forget what specifically...good fortune, good luck....something good.... (You know you're getting old when.... you can't remember sh*t!)

  4. Well, you teach me something once again, Wayne. I went to google and wickipedia to discover the Irish connection between the colors...

  5. Giggles--- have you remembered yet ;')

    Jim--- glad to be of service.


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