Sunday, March 1, 2009

Lori d--- a return to flickr Sundays. fine art mosaics and so much more

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Been bantering with my Flickr friend "Lori d" ( Lori Desormeaux) today and realized it has been awhile since I highlighted a friend. And I do consider her a friend, so I am sorry I didn't know her when Mosaic Woman and I travelled up to Buffalo.

I know my Episcopalian friends will dig this mosaic backsplash.

Following along the life of someone at Flickr is not that different from reading a personal blog. I have watched many of her private commissions come into place. Click here to see her recent mosaic inspired by the vines that produce the wine.

Her love of old cool houses won even more points in being a favored flickr friend.

For those of you who want to know 16 random things about her... check out this great in action shot of a mosaicist...

and finally if you are in need of a wonderful mosaic and you live in the land of more snow than we ever get (and I know we may get a foot tonight)... And if you explore her website or her flickr site you will also see that she paints murals. My love of birds have me favoring this one.

Lori... thanks for all the fabulous reassurance about the longevity of geological wonders and the likely reemergence of spring. Now can you tell me the chances of my school closing tomorrow?


  1. I didn't know flickr could work like that. I just signed up last week because it seemed to be the only way my blog would accept pictures. Her new old house resembles mine but mine needs a fixer-upper person to live in it or someone with deeper pockets.

    Good luck with that school closing! I could really use one tomorrow but the storm is too far east of here.

  2. Kathryn--- just as with blogging, I have gotten to know some good folk through flickr.

    I go by stratoz over there as well, look for me...

  3. Kathryn--- on second thought, avoid flickr and get some sleep.


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