Saturday, June 27, 2009

Last night gathered with some good folk on a friend's porch, I listened to two talk about doing good work with the Be The Change organization.
I am always glad to hear about what they are doing, but have not leapt into action myself. Nothing unusual there, I have not done a lot of volunteer work in my life. I reason or rationalize that my work is where I put forth direct contact with those in need, then support people who are doing good deeds through donations.
But today it appears I may end up doing two bits (who knows maybe even more) of action for my town. This morning out on a walk, Mosaic Woman and I found ourselves walking the Lansdale Labyrinth. As I walked, I was impressed that some effort had been made to maintain this living labyrinth. You walk on mown grass while ornamental grasses keep you from straying. But weeds did persist. I spoke of doing some weeding as we sat on the big rock in the center. So as I wound my way out, I did some weeding along with my mindful walking. Mosaic Woman joined in as she walked many feet ahead of me. I can do this for my town.
Tonight, I will suffer through a jazz concert for my community. Lansdale has recently opened a cultural center and this is our first opportunity to act out our appreciation. Those who imagined this project, those who worked on it, and the musicians coming to play in it are all people I want to support. So tonight, I will be at the Lansdale Center for The Performing Arts listening to the Jim Holton Trio.


  1. LOL "suffer through a jazz concert"! The labyrinth sounds beautiful.

  2. Kathryn--- I am a firm believer in finding joy in doing good works.

    next time I go down to weed... I'll take a photo.

  3. A young man in our church is going to build a labyrinth on the church grounds as his Eagle Scout project. Pretty neat, huh?

  4. Zorra--- sounds like a good project to me. They are popping up all over the place. The short time we were there, we saw a eight other folk enter into it.


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