Tuesday, June 30, 2009

something else which we talked about

A friend was missing on that porch last Friday. She was out of state visiting family and witnessing what will happen to most of us. Her mom's body was growing old and having a hard time keeping up with the fight to keep life's flow of energy inside of her.
We talked about aging parents. Some on the porch had gone through the death of their parents, others had parents in fine health.
Fine health. I guess that is what I have said about my parents for the most part of my adult life. They both turned 76 this spring. I went to see them on Sunday. And while they were both strong enough to walk up the hill to the place we had brunch...
Sunday night I prayed with the sadness of seeing my parent's age and for some glitches in my dad's body which has led to finding more glitches and thus going to see more doctors. Eventually I needed a distraction, so I picked up the Bible and read chapter 5 of Genesis (I recently decided to read Genesis). I found a genealogy of Father's giving birth to sons and then dying. It went from Adam to Noah. A long list of Fathers dying. Not sure if that was the distraction I was looking for...
Last night I returned to the sadness when I sat to pray and thoughts went back to when I was 5 and my dad held my hand when I was facing medical woes. The hand has been there for me ever since. Where is my hand in what is happening now?

and then there is my friend who is with her mom...
peace be with you.


  1. I know your post will mean so much to your friend. I often think of your kindness when my Mom passed away: soup, bread, art, and company. Thanks.

  2. Yep..She's in many prayers, I'm sure........

  3. Joy--- I was kind? thanks for reminding me. ;') Our friend sent me an e-mail letting me know she had read this.

    Giggles--- many.

  4. for me, one of the hardest parts of all this is that our mutual friend is so far away right now that all we can do is respond to her emails w/love, prayer and daily musings, hoping these will provide a smile, however small.

    i think a strong friend hug would be great, both for her and me.

  5. Red.... even the introvert in me can see your point. we can also feed her famished husband, which we did last night.

  6. I have the best friends ever.

  7. I spent some time this week helping my mom recuperate from her 2nd knee replacement. They are both starting to have trouble managing their house and getting stuff done. They are 77 and 75. It is sooo hard and I'm sooo far away.

  8. Msklem--- can't wait for you to come home and open the porch.

    Kathryn--- distance. tis why I wanted to move back to PA


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