Wednesday, June 10, 2009

some school thoughts...

a break from retreat thoughts...

driving into the parking lot I was quite shocked to find a few men walking though my garden with weed wackers. however, it turns out the school has contracted out lawn care and I was blessed to not have to find the time or energy to mow around the vegetable beds. They did a marvelous job of going around all the beds. This lifted my spirits immensely.
five school days left, of which three are gardening days. Tomorrow may or may not be a rain out. The ground is already saturated (that technically may be an exaggeration). However, I stood back and checked out the garden today and I was well pleased. I would like to get some zucchini, patty pans, hot peppers, and more cucumbers planted by graduation.
science fair dude fell into a funk but has emerged... after a few days I forced him to talk to me. I surely am not going to listen to the blatant lie, "nothing's wrong," for too many days. The last few days he is back to his old self and we have been chatting more about science than cleaning my tables when he comes in for his after school job. He finally finished his essay on the golden ratio.
I meditated again today. My theory is correct... I am much more likely to begin to nod off when my mind wonders away from my breath. I end up leaving work a bit later when I do this but it feels right, so I am going to keep going.
My Biology class has been suffering through having a teacher whose energy is focused on gardening. For a week or more I have been bombarding them with (Sir David) Attenborough's Life of Birds. They have been amazed, but today they had the nerve to ask me to do some teaching. I said, "Sure." We will look at how human fishing practices has affected the evolution of fish.
I love this time of year, not because the school year is ending, but because the garden is beginning and the students are coming through yet again. I could keep going. However, I would take January off with no problem at all.


  1. I had a little moment of panic when you mentioned the weed whacker guys in your garden.

    My neighbour use to come into our yard to weed whack around his fence which divided our properties. I'm sure he thought he was doing a good deed but he inevitably always cut down the daisies and the yarrow that were doing their best to grow there.

    5 days? Yikes, we go straight through to June 30th and still there's too much to get done in all that time. I'm still jealous though.


  2. There is so much to do this time of year in the garden. It's exciting but crazy too!

    I'm glad that science fair dude came around. Good luck with the end of year!

  3. I went to bed last night at ten and slept until nearly eight this morning. Much more of this and the old man's a couch potato. Time to go home and introduce a little of that Golden Ratio into my summer. A litle gardening perhaps?....

  4. Mich--- I will beack for 7 weeks after the 4th of July... so keep your jealousy pointed toward our friend Jim ;')

    Kathryn--- I am taking a break from my own garden... so much so much...

    Jim--- hope you had some fun in that garden!

  5. lol, will do, Wayne. In that case, I wish you a good 7 week run.



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