Sunday, August 2, 2009

My imperfect heart

At a spring craft show I glanced at a heart, saw what may have been a score line through one of the pieces and said, "I can't sell this. I'll send it to Jim." Was it the imperfection that took it down or my desire to pass it on to Jim.
Then time passed until the man spoke of my heart in one of his comments here at Stratoz. Then I found it. And mailed it.
At the doctor last Monday he felt the need to tell me all kinds of things that could come of Lyme Disease, one was of a failing heart. Few if any, who read this blog, know of how my heart has changed over the past 12 years. I once scored a zero in the area of compassion on a personality test. I still have my stoic side, but things have changed to this heart.
Like the rest of me it is imperfect. While thinking about Jim, hearts, and changes, I remembered to give thanks. So much depends on my turning back to a life of faith and doubt, instead of disbelief. So much.
Jim was on my mind when this song came up one night in my studio. The words reminded me a bit of some amazingly heartfelt words Jim had written. Not only that, but I thought the man would love Kate Campbell in general. In My Mother's House.
peace my friend.

by the way, I am feeling generally well these days, but still have 14 days of antibiotics and less sun exposure to go. thanks for any and all thoughts and prayers.


  1. Great post, Wayne. Thank God He's is in the heart changing business, eh? He's chippin' away at mine that's for sure.
    You'll be in my prayers and hope you feel better soon.

  2. Beautiful song, Wayne. I clicked on tonight and recognized your generous gift to me immediately; and, for me, it does indeed symbolize what God extends unto us. How He gets it all into our heart, I have no idea. On my site it is often phrased as a "belly" connection; but, then, "heart" is certainly much more than an organ pumping life through our blood and "heart to heart" seems to fit as well. Continue to heal, my friend. Peace.............

  3. The reading at morning prayer today was the one about replacing our stony hearts with hearts for love - which this post echoed so beautifully!

    Prayers are ongoing, and promised for the antibiotics. A few years ago a critter bit me at Wernersville on my summer retreat and while I didn't get Lyme, I got an awful infection of the bite. I was pretty sick for a couple of weeks, on antibiotics and had to consult with the cardiologist to be sure no damage was done to my heart! I still have the scar to remind me about hearts...


  4. Daisy--- It is a good thing indeed.

    Jim--- glad you liked the song. belly or heart or both, it is a good thing to feel creation as it resonates inside of us.

    Michelle--- I will keep my eye out for critters when I venture out that way. Thanks for the comment.

  5. I've had some of the heart-changing experience, too, so I know what you mean (although I still ahve a long way to go...). prayers for a swift recovery.

  6. kievas--- I am with you on the long journey required by our hearts

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