Saturday, August 15, 2009

health update and a reminder

One night in the midst of this work week, I noticed a bounce to my step. I did some gardening at the school the last three days of the week. Mind has been less foggy. Seems like I have more energy for just about everything, except paperwork at the school.

getting back to normal, whatever that means. In a few moments I will have taken 40/42 antibiotics.


There have been lots of rants around this area because of the Eagles signing one Michael Vick to a contract. The rants and anger have reminded me of a time when I crashed and burned. I was met with love from those who had every right to rant and give up on me. It was that moment I repented and have slowly been healing myself into the person I hope to become.

Any success I have had as a teacher has been rooted in forgiveness. Welcoming students back into my classroom after all kinds of behaviors could be on the top of my job description, but maybe be below... accept and ask for forgiveness when I treat students unkindly.

I am at a loss about how folk who go astray should be punished, but I am not at a loss that folk can turn away and become renewed. Every Sunday I take the bread and wine asking to be renewed and cleansed. How can I not ask and hope of it happening to others? By being imperfect is how I fail. I do at times wish the worst on people, but it is not how I wish to respond.

Tonight I picked up the Bible and read of the time when Esau greeted Jacob with love when a rant and fist was expected. Upon being provided forgiveness and love, Jacob says, "When I saw your face, it was if the face of God smiling upon me."

Nothing less should be hoped for in our own interactions. and I fear that Michael Vick will not see the face of God as he tries to repent. For it is my hope that the man wants to be a better person. It is my hope for us all.

How amazed am I that I heard about Puppies Behind Bars today.



  1. What a beautiful story about the prisoner and the dogs, Wayne! I am and have never been fanatical about any sort of pet. Beth and I have a Shitzu, taken in as a pup when the grandkids were'nt able to keep him. They could have him back today and it wouldn't affect me in any way; but I do admit to it being the smartest dog I've ever owned and a piece of my life at the moment. I'm with you all the way on the Vick story, my friend...

  2. Jim--- there are others around here willing to give Vick a second chance, others are not so fast. What a role model he could become. I wish him well.

  3. Oh Stratoz, how wonderfully you have touched on the importance of forgiveness in the regeneration of a person's journey through life. It is the message God gives us daily as he continues to bless those who sin, who remains with them even as they sin, loving them back to life by those very blessings. It hurts to read of the anger and revenge that seems to be spreading like a plague through our society. More messages like yours might restore us to sanity.

  4. I have to be honest, I have very little sympathy for Vick, because of the nature of the crime, and how often animal abuse is simply overlooked by our society. Still, I am grateful for your reminder of forgiveness, and of the One who forgave all.

  5. Beryl--- Thanks for the kind words.

    Kievas--- I can see why you feel this way. My heart goes out to someone who has taken himself to a low place and has so much hatred to deal with in order to climb back up to higher ground.

  6. That Puppies Behind Bars is amazing. Brilliant, even. Saw Glenn Close talking about it on Oprah. Very moving. Dogs provide that unfettered exchange of love which apparently can move mountains.

    Years ago, I remember watching Donahue (apparently I watch enough talk-shows..) when a family of white-supremacists were the guests. The kids spewed hate as well as the dad. One former supremacist was also a guest. He said that it was not reasoning that got through to him but rather, it was love that did the job.


  7. Daisy-- thanks for stopping by. It is not surprising to hear so many saying the man should not be given a second chance. That is a sad thing. There are many who try to say the opposite.

  8. Good meditations on Vick.... very mixed feelings indeed.... I predict all venom will disappear if the Iggles have a good year because of him...

    See you on Friday AND Sunday!!!!!!!!! Alas, summer is winding down..... :-(

  9. Giggles--- I am so tired of the "he is slime" "he is not human" something is really hitting a nerve here. look forward to seeing you

  10. A very nice perspective on Vick. I couldn't agree more. Personally, I feel that with someone like Tony Dungy in his corner, he shouldn't go wrong. Of course, anything is possible, but I'm pulling for him.

  11. My youngest son and I have been talking about Michael Vick, he said much of what you wrote - I love it when others remind me how much grace there can be in a life of faith. Too often I forget...

  12. anj and reading fool---- thanks for the visit. I heard Vick got a warm reception when he entered the field. Knowing Eagle fans that will only last as long as he plays well.


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