Sunday, August 9, 2009

the unblogging mind

this is typical...

I am sitting at my drawing table and realize I need drafting tape, so I rise up to walk ten feet. I find myself standing in the bathroom wondering why I had walked there. Sometimes I remember, and in that case I got the drafting tape.

Blogging away from the computer takes much energy and my Lyme disease/heavy dose of anti-biotic mind is lacking it these days. A conversation with Mosaic Woman followed that evening by an essay on the very subject would have been woven together into a blog post by now. but not in this mind. A hymn sung by a friend in church, takes me to praying for a friend on retreat. Again no blog happened.

There are other things that take much energy, patience is one. My job has required more than I can handle on a good healthy mind day. This second week of tiredness may have led to one student telling me he would never come to my class again... he came back at lunch and we both spoke of our mistakes. Another student pointed out my impatience, then to melt my heart said that she still liked my class anyway. Another student's eternal habit finally pushes me over the ledge and I respond in a way that may not be the best way to help her to improve. After another day of falling of the ledge, I catch myself and develop a new plan while praying that evening.

Truly wake up calls to find the energy to treat my students as I would want to be treated. So, I pray for patience.

I returned to that drafting table and did not forget my project. You will see it here in the future, a collaboration with Mosaic Woman ... HOPE on slate

I pray that when I am done with the meds things will become less foggy, and once again blog posts will keep my typically wondering mind, a bit more focused. For now, I am so grateful my unblogging brain can still blog, if I sit to write.


  1. Hard to work with kids when one is tired; I sympathize, that's for sure.


  2. I have confidence that your heart and His tug on the reins will get you through this. Linking with you in prayer..........

  3. Daisy and Jim--- thanks. M keeps finding Buechner books for at the YMCA's used book sale. how cool is that!

  4. Hope you feel better soon. I often wonder why I've walked someplace, and I don't even have Lyme disease as an excuse!

  5. This is what happens when I get lost in my writing shed without internet access . . . I miss learning that you have Lyme's disease. Yet you are still writing blogs! Still teaching. Still learning how tentative our patience can be when the body is down. Get the rest you need. I'd say, go to bed early rather than blog, but then we'd miss out and I'm selfish. I'm sending healing light your way (trying to) May some angel carry it to you.

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  7. Kievas and Beryl--- thanks, I think I am better. energy is better.


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